The F-SCAN TOUCH surpasses yet functionality and ease of operation of the model F-SCAN2 . The large color touch screen, the integrated JOGGER wheel, the integrated IMPRINTER surface, the integrated BATTERY PACK for emergency use and the external storage device MEMOSTICK, provide the base for advanced frequency applications. Owner of the F-SCAN TOUCH appreciate the optimized and comfortable mode of operation especially where the device is heavily utilized.  

Product features

           Adjustable amplitudes for SINE and SQUARE WAVE signals

           Up to 6 individual settings can be assigned to each frequency value

o         Amplitude SINE WAVE

o         Amplitude SQUARE WAVE

o         WOBBLE with selectable range

o         ENVELOPE (oscillation of amplitude)

o         Sweep To Next function

o         TIMER - function

          Selectable BEGINNERS or EXPERT mode

          Color touch screen display with graphic capability

          Integrated digital wheel (JOGGER) to speed up and ease settings

           Frequency selection

           Flexible storage and retrieval of data to and from the external


           Selectable automatic adjustment of square wave amplitudes based

       on frequency values 

           Zoom-function for analysis of DIRP data displayed as a graph

           Four output ports

o         SINE 1 signal range 1 Hz to 15 MHz, amplitude preset to 10 Vpp, DC-OFFSET

o         SINE 2 signal range 0.01 Hz to 3 MHz, amplitude adjustable, DC-OFFSET

o         RECT 1 signal range 0.01 Hz to 3 MHz, amplitude adjustable, SQUARE FULL WAVE

o         RECT 2 signal range 0.01 Hz to 3 MHz, amplitude adjustable, SQUARE DC-OFFSET

o         Dials to reduce current output on RECT 1 and 2

           Special functions selectable: WOBBLE, PULSE, SWEEP, Sweep To

       Next, ENVELOPE

           Integrated library functions with more than 580 entries


Product highlights

OUTPUT PORTS: Any frequency generated is simultaneously available on all four output ports, with the signal form specific to each port, allowing different applications using the same frequency in parallel.

Touch screen and ease of use: The touch screen displays housing tilts to a comfortable viewing angle.  If one of the three main menus is touched on the opening screen, the functions and settings offered are easily identified and the settings adjusted to the users need. Defaults set at the factory support standard applications reducing the setup time of the device


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